The software is open source, published under the "copyleft" GNU General Public License Version 3, which means it's free to use (regardless of implementation size, number of users, et cetera), and anyone can host it and modify it.

Green River offers the platform as "Software as a Service," meaning we'll host it, configure it, and support it as a vendor product. We charge for essentially 2 things:

Managed Hosting

We charge a flat, annual fee for a secure deployment on Amazon Web Services, along with associated hosting management and monitoring effort. The actual cost will vary depending on the size of a community’s data set.

Training, support, modifications, and feature development

We charge a flat $160/hour of effort, and can help users learn how to use the system; work with your administrators and vendors to secure automated data collection from third-party systems; help discover, design, and implement workflows specific to your organization; and develop features and enhancements as required.

We'll work with you to determine a reasonable initial annual budget—a cap for hourly work—that can ensure a positive adoption experience for the platform while limiting overall cost.