Open Source

Green River can provide a dedicated instance of the platform, delivering 'Software as a Service.' We'll customize your installation with your branding, update names and labels in the system to match what you use in your community, and work with you to codify things like vulnerability and opportunity prioritization logic for different types of client populations and housing opportunities.

We provide training and ongoing support for key administrative users. As the primary development team on the Open Path project, we can also efficiently perform enhancements, make modifications, and add new features that your circumstances require.

Open Path is a true open source project. Green River charges for our time as an engineering firm, and we bill hourly for feature development. But any contribution that anyone hires us to make to the code immediately becomes available to everyone. If we're managing your installation of Open Path, we frequently (at least monthly) review with you changes that are upcoming and newly available. As the number of organizations using the platform increases - as they are increasingly doing across the country - the rate of software development increases, and the options and tools available to any user increases.

This model creates ideal conditions for communities to actively collaborate too. As organizations discover and settle on best practices for coordinated entry, multi-sector data use, and performance reporting, new options and features to the software will likely aid multiple users. Coordination among a user group can distribute decisions on priorities and the burden of funding, and provide concerted direction on how best to utilize the technology.