How to Get It

Open Path is open source software, which means it has no licensing fees and the code is available for anyone to use and modify. Green River provides fully managed hosting, support, and customization of the platform to States and CoCs.

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Software as a Service

Green River offers Open Path as a cloud-based service. We provision a "single tenant" installation of the platform per community, and manage the hosting, security, and infrastructure. Our clients are provided with full administrative access to the application.


Requirements, needs, and aspirations differ in each community, and we adapt or create new functionality for each unique environment. As open source software, any new feature or enhancement to the platform is available to all users.

Open Source
Open Path is licensed under GPL v3. That means:
  • There are no licensing fees to use the platform
  • The software is available for anyone to use
  • Modifications and enhancements made to the software must be contributed back to the community
Developers and code contributors, send us a pull request!

Founded by the City of Boston, their original vision for the platform was to create a shared technology resource, where communities contribute to building a sustaining toolset. This software has been built in the spirit of helping those in need of housing, and we greatly encourage any qualified developers who want to participate to contribute to this important platform.

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