Serving people
experiencing homelessness
by bringing together healthcare records, case worker documentation, and service history.
Open Path is a valuable tool
Open Path is an expansive web-based software platform offering:
Analytic data warehouse
The Open Path Warehouse is designed to aggregate and report on data from multiple Homeless Management Information System (HMISs), Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other sources.
Coordination tool for providers
Using integrated records, the key innovation is direct support for the coordinated care of people experiencing homelessness by medical partitioners, municipal, and social service staff.
Integration platform for merging records
The software makes it simple to loading client records from multiple sources, and uses advanced machine learning techniques to merge and deduplicate records despite incomplete information.
Set of decision-making and communication functions
The software includes internal reports on program effectiveness, and also has routines to generate and expose anonymized, aggregated data for public reporting.
Proven Data Security
A major focus of the system is managing and storing highly confidential personal and medical information, including support for numerous client consent models in the many communities using the platform.
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Who Benefits?
Open Path is a platform to help care providers, governments, hospitals, and insurance companies better serve people experiencing homelessness.
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Coordinated Entry Staff
  • Housing Navigators
  • CoC Adminstrators
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Testing tents for people experiencing homelessness in Boston, MA
Testing tents for people experiencing homelessness in Boston, MA.
Photo credit: Katie Dillon, BHCHP
Open Path is making a difference
Several municipalities and distinguished partners are taking advantage of the benefits of Open Path: